Quality Never Disappoints

Mercury Pots takes pride in being a reputable company and we stand behind our products. It's simply a reflection of our personal commitment to quality. For us, adhering to quality standards is a fundamental business ethic.

You can't go wrong if you buy top quality garden products. Especially if you want them to last. Buying lower quality items may mean you have to replace them more often, so you'll simply be forking out more in the long run.

How Plasticotto pots stack up What you MIGHT find with other plastic pots
Made from thermoplastic UV-stabilised resin. Resistant to long exposure to the sun and guaranteed against fading for 3 years! May not be UV-stabilised. Unlikely to guarantee against fading.
Made from thermoplastic which is frost-resistant and easily survives severe weather conditions - won't crack or break. May be made from materials that are not frost-resistant. May crack in severe frost conditions.
Unbreakable thermoplastic. May be made from materials that are prone to cracking and splitting.
Contemporary, low-reflective matt finish. Shiny, plasticy finish.
Colour is non-toxic and plastic is recyclable. May not be recyclable.
Wall thickness is greater making it very sturdy and durable. Cannot be bent easily like thinner pots. Nice hand feel and thick easy-to-grip rim when lifting a heavy pot full of soil. Thin plastic that bends easily. May become brittle and crack over time. Thinner rim is harder to grip when lifting a heavy pot full of soil.


How Mercurio plant stands stack up What you MIGHT find with other plant stands
All our plant stands are galvanised for ultimate protection against rust. Plastic coated instead of galvanised. Cheaper to produce and look okay in the store but will rust quickly with outdoor use.
Sturdy construction and heavier gauge steel that can hold the weight of a man. Designed with wheels in each corner which makes the stand more stable and less likely to tip. Lighter gauge steel used. Not as strong but cheaper to make. Buckles and bends more easily. The wheels may be closer to the middle which makes them less stable.