Sienna saucer

Plasticotto Sienna saucers from Italy

These Italian Plasticotto brand "Sienna" saucers are UV stabilized, tough, frost resistant, durable and the matt finish eliminates reflection.

Each Sienna saucer comes with a 3-year guarantee against fading.

Team them up with any of our Campana flower pots, Etrusco flower pots or Ciotola bowls. The saucers are also popular for use with ceramic or terracotta pots as they come in a wide variety of colours and sizes.

Colour Colour Swatch
15cm Terracotta  
17cm Terracotta  
17cm Bordeaux  
17cm Lime  
17cm Green  
17cm Dark Blue  
20cm Terracotta  
20cm Red  
20cm Bordeaux  
20cm Grass Green  
20cm Green  
20cm Light Blue  
20cm Dark Blue  
20cm Purple  
20cm Pewter  
20cm Black  
23cm Pearl  
23cm Terracotta  
23cm Red  
23cm Bordeaux  
23cm Copper  
23cm Yellow TBA
23cm Lime  
23cm Green  
23cm Light Blue  
23cm Dark Blue  
23cm Pewter  
23cm Black  
27cm Terracotta  
27cm Red  
27cm Bordeaux  
27cm Yellow TBA
27cm Lime  
27cm Green  
27cm Light Blue  
27cm Dark Blue  
27cm Purple  
27cm Black  
33cm Terracotta  
33cm Red  
33cm Green  
33cm Dark Blue  
33cm Pewter  
33cm Black  
39cm Terracotta  
39cm Bordeaux  
39cm Green  
39cm Dark Blue  
39cm Black  
44cm Terracotta  
44cm Red  
44cm Bordeaux  
44cm Dark Blue  
44cm Black  
58cm Terracotta  
58cm Dark Blue  
58cm Black